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Naming & Shaming Russia Not Part of Pope's Diplomatic Playbook, Experts Say

Politico Europe

The pope may pray for Putin — but he’s clinging to neutrality on Ukraine

Los Angeles Review of Books

Diplomacy through a Culture of Encounter: On Victor Gaetan's God's Diplomats

America Magazine

Review: When Popes Play Peacemaker

Washington Post

New Book "God's Diplomats" Unveils the Secret History of Vatican Diplomacy

 [Washington Post ran RNS article linked below]

 Religion News Service

New Book "God's Diplomats" Unveils the Secret History of Vatican Diplomacy

The Jerusalem Post

How Should Catholics Balance Being Politically and Biblically Correct?

Irish Catholic [Ireland]

Papal Diplomacy: The Church's Political Power 

La Civilta Cattolica

Oldest Italian journal, founded in 1850

Rassegna Bibliographica (Book Review)

"No other book explains Vatican diplomacy better than this, nor have Francis' diplomatic style and his extraordinary achievements been examined so closely."

Kirkus Reviews

An Authoritative Overview to Pope Francis' Challenge to American Hegemony

“This is an impressively well-researched book that…delivers a superb analysis of Pope Francis's often unheralded diplomacy.”

Catholic World Report

The Best Books I Read in 2021: William Doino, Jr

"The most rewarding book I read in 2021 was God’s Diplomats by Victor Gaetan, a magisterial history of the Pope’s representatives across the globe." 

National Catholic Register 

A Masterclass on the Vatican's Diplomatic Mission

Where Peter Is...

God's Diplomats: A Detailed Tour de Force on Papal Diplomacy

Catholic News Service 

Analysis of Church's Diplomatic Efforts Should be a Must Read for Many

The Boston Pilot 

Tracking God's Diplomats

Philly Catholic: Book Review

Analysis of church’s diplomatic work is a must-read for many

Catholic News Service
Author says pope has mobilized diplomats to create culture of encounter


National Catholic Reporter 

New Book "God's Diplomats" Unveils the Secret History of Vatican Diplomacy

The Church's Secret Mission: Vatican Diplomacy: a Q and A with Victor Gaetan

La Croix International
How the Pope Inspired South Sudan's Unity Government: God's Diplomats (excerpt)

Gianni Valente

Diplomats of God: The "diplomacy of the Church" suitable for the world

DISSIPATIO [Italian Journal]

La diplomazia di Dio (God's Diplomacy)

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