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Informative, insightful and entertaining, he has produced a page-turner that will shed much light and offer fresh perspective on parts of Pope Francis' ministry that have received too little attention…If you read one book on Pope Francis and the Vatican this year, read this one!

Robert C. Mickens, Rome-based editor in chief 

La Croix International

In God's Diplomats, the chapters on the history of Vatican diplomacy in individual countries are a must-read for anyone trying to understand why the Vatican works the way it does.

Barb Fraze, International Editor, Catholic News Service

Gaetan's book fills a space never covered: by John Allen [renowned American Vaticanista], former ambassadors, or Italian authors on the Holy See and diplomacy. Gaetan explains how and why the Vatican diplomatic corps works well and

should be a model to US diplomacy.

Amb. James F. Creagan, Professor of International Diplomacy 

St. Mary’s University

This book is a must read for anyone wanting to understand the influence the papacy wields on global politics in the 21st century.

Christopher Lamb, Rome correspondent, UK’s The Tablet

History proved the Vatican to be correct when it warned the United States that going to war against Iraq would unleash mayhem. But how could the Church predict such an outcome?

In this tour de force work of history, Victor Gaetan demonstrates how invaluable is the Vatican's worldwide diplomatic network,

a veritable intelligence gathering machine.

Iraq is just one example in Gaetan's book, in which he shows how

the Church's well-established diplomacy infrastructure

can serve as a force for world peace."

John Burger, News Editor, Aleteia
French-Based Online Catholic Site Publishing News in Eight Languages

Victor Gaetan's God's Diplomats "will make a valuable contribution to writings about Holy See diplomacy."

Ambassador Francis Rooney, former US Ambassador to the Holy See (2005-08) and

former Congressman from Florida (2017-2021) 

Author of Global Vatican: An Inside Look at the Catholic Church, World Politics, and the Extraordinary Relationship between the United States and the Holy See (Rowman & Littlefield, 2013)

“Illuminating, entertaining, and inspiring, God’s Diplomats is a major contribution to contemporary literature on Catholicism, international relations, and the Francis pontificate.”

Austen Ivereigh, papal biographer

  author of The Great Reformer: Francis and the Making of a Radical Pope

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